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Delay of iOS 5.0.2 Update Caused by Memory Leaks

Apple has apparently run into difficulties with the iOS 5.0.2 update, said to be arriving this week, which is meant to address battery issues and other new problems that have arisen following the release of iOS 5.0.1.

According to technology website (via AppleInsider (opens in new tab)) Apple still needs to do additional testing on the new update, and is said to be having trouble with memory leaks in the code. They are also concerned that if all the issues aren't dealt with properly and an iOS 5.0.3 update is required soon after, users might not take the never ending update story lightly. suggested last week that Apple was preparing the update for this week, and iOS 5.0.2 would eliminate the battery problem once and for all providing iPhone 4S users with 10 hours of active use.

While Apple seems to have delayed the release, no new date has been put forward, not even vaguely hinted at just yet. The German technology website did however suggest that Apple's team is already working on iOS 5.1, a version that will bring significant improvements to Siri's functionality.

Apparently, after this major update, Siri could be asked to initiate actions such as taking photos, recording videos, turning on or off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This development is "very expensive" according to sources and the release of iOS 5.1 will not be possible until the end of this year.

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