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Google Chrome Continues to Grow in Popularity

Reports suggests that the future of Google's Chrome seems very bright. According to reports, Chromebooks will account for 1 in 10 computer sales next year.

Even though its debut was not record breaking, retail giant Dixons recently predicted that Google's Chrome operating system based Chromebooks will account for 10 percent of all sales of computers within a year.

Earlier this month Google launched the very first Google shop within a PC World store. This eventually led to the endorsement of Dixons Retail group. If the company's head of computing is to be believed, then the Chrome operating system might successfully compete with Android.

Mark Slater, the director of computing at Dixons retail said,"We see computing evolving as we go into next year with the emergence of Chrome as an operating system and the ease of use of cloud storage making it a credible alternative to the established world of Microsoft and Apple," as reported by T3.

Slater also added that he believes Chrome has the capability to capture 10 percent of the computing business by this time next year with the help of the right mixture of hardware partners and a "much better consumer push."