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Google Doogle Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Sci-Fi Novel "Solaris"

Perhaps the most eye catching, entertaining, and at the same time informative as well as highly original feature of the Google search engine is Google Doodle. And the most impressive fact is that with each Google Doodle logo, this feature is getting better.

When visiting the homepage, users can view an elaborates animation that celebrates the 60th anniversary of the very first book published by Polish science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem.

Lem became popular for the 1961 novel "Solaris" which later became the inspiration for three different movies that includes a version made by Steven Soderbergh starring George Clooney, released in 2002.

Google homepage visitors can click on the doodle animation to watch a short animation clip. This clip shows a character walking along to come in face to face with a huge robot, as reported (opens in new tab) by the Daily Mail.

Using the cursor, visitors can interact with the giant robot which has a calculator sort of thing on its front side.

Google Doodle has become a very popular feature many visitors look forward to which celebrates almost all occasions with unique creativity and its own identity. The latest Google Doodle may become one of the most popular doodles.