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Google to Release a Fix for Volume Bug in Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Google has finally accepted the existence of an erratic volume bug affecting owners of the Galaxy Nexus. The search engine giant has promised they have already prepared a fix which will be released very soon.

Earlier, users complained about the sound and volume of Ice Cream Sandwich which gets muted or simply fluctuates randomly. On this, Google recently said that they were "aware of the volume issue" and have planned a firmware update which will address the issue.

Google stated, "We are aware of the volume issue and have developed a fix. We will update devices as soon as possible" as published (opens in new tab) in Android Police.

The technical aspect behind the bug has not been disclosed yet by Google, but it may be related to how the Galaxy Nexus handles some 2G GSM bands.

Surprisingly, this problem has been more common in smartphones connected to 900MHz band, which is commonly used by carriers in Europe; 3G bands have not been affected much by this volume bug.

Fearing that Google might track down the issue to a hardware malfunction, at least one UK retailer has put the sale of Samsung Galaxy Nexus on hold for the time being.