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Google Testing New HTML 5 1080p Playback on YouTube

Google has decided to continue with their full support and push for their native HTML5 player. Google added support for 1080p full-HD video playback to the latest HTML5 player on Google's YouTube website.

Besides, there are many other HTML5 features which have been released such as native full screen playback, annotations, provision of closed captioning, along with a new menu to simplify embedding videos and also share video links.

Currently the HTML5 player is operating in YouTube on trial mode which means Google has not killed Flash player completely.

As a matter of fact, for YouTube Flash player also Google has introduced certain significant changes that contains buffer-free playback besides seamless transitions among different video-quality settings.

Even though all these changes have not been implemented in all the videos at present, very soon they will definitely cover all videos, reported Slash Gear.

Acceptance of the latest HTML5 will mark the beginning of new era. Till now it was Adobe Flash Player that was ruling the market but, the recent announcement by Adobe to discontinue Flash Player on mobile platform has been viewed as a sign of the player's demise.