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Heroku Announces PostgreSQL Database-as-a-Service for Developers

Heroku, a major platform as a service provider, has declared today that is expanding its horizon by offering the latest Heroku Postgres standalone service to the developers working on SQL databases.

For developers, the company has been providing various service tools from a long time. However, with the latest offerings, the team of developers who wants to work on Heroku's database service are allowed to use it irrespective of where the apps are hosted.

According to the company's declaration the newest service has gone through battle tests as it has, "successfully and safely written 19 billion customer transactions and another 400 million write-transactions are processed every day"

The company launched the service via an announcement made in a post on the company's Heroku Postgres Blog.

In the post the company said "We believe deeply in the value of open-source software, and believe it is even more critical in the context of a database service. We are committed to running off-the-shelf, community PostgreSQL - unforked and unmodified."

The Heroku Postgres is being offered in six pricing plans. The lowest pricing is $200 per month and the most expensive one is for $6,400 per month.