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How to Get LogMeIn Rescue Working On a Tablet, Smartphone?

One of the most popular troubleshooting tools used over remote connections, LogMeIn Rescue (opens in new tab), is also compatible with smartphones and tablets. The size, hardware specifications or any other matters beside the operating system itself does not count, as long as the troubled device is running on Android, iOS, Nokia Symbian or Windows Phone. So, today we are going to show you how LogMeIn Rescue works on a smartphone or a tablet and most of all, how to initialize a connection on both kinds of gadgets.

In a few words, the procedure remains the same like the one used on regular computers. The technician installs the Technician Console, initializes a session and the customer needs to accept this connection using a unique PIN. All the negotiation is done using a live internet connection so make sure you have a data plan set up right. The only thing that stands apart between tablets / smartphones and a PCs is how the session is created and then accepted on the customer end, as you are about to see from the steps below. You are going to need the complete portable device plan, from the official LogMeIn Rescue website (opens in new tab).


First of all, in this category we will only treat tablets that lack a regular 2G / 3G / 4G or LTE antenna; generally, devices which cannot accept a SMS or be able to create a regular call. Considering the fact that these devices are very much alike a normal computer, the steps of installing LogMeIn Rescue and using the application are exactly the same. The detailed procedure can be found here.

The only thing we would like to say here is that the tablet should be compatible with the application even though its running on operating systems like Windows 7, Vista, Mac OS X or other regular OS created for PCs. Unfortunately, the tool is not compatible with Linux and there is not clarity regarding more exclusive operating systems, like the PlayBook OS.


Tablets excluded in the section above will find their rightful place here, alongside smartphones. Now here's what you need to do:

1. Start the LogMeIn Rescue (opens in new tab) Technician Console, login into your account and then click on the New Session button from the upper menu.

2. In the New Session window, select the SMS tab, fill in the phone number of the device you want to connect and then click on Send SMS. The number must be written using the exclusive country code if it's international, where "+4 number" transforms into "4number". It's best to leave the Device Platform field as Auto-detect, to avoid any troubles.

3. On the smartphone, the customer will receive a message in a few moments which contains a link. Clicking it will download the mobile variant of LogMeIn Rescue (opens in new tab) and the install it on the device. Make sure you enter the PIN.

4. Now, on the Technician Console, activate the session by selecting it and pressing the green button and that's it.