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iPhone 4S Launch in Taiwan set for Mid-December

Three weeks from now the first Taiwanese users should be able to get their hands on Apple's latest handset, which is reportedly going to be launched around 14th-16th December.

According to DigiTimes (opens in new tab), the country's top carriers will be offering the iPhone 4S to their subscribers, with 50 % of the initial 30,000 units reportedly being available through Chunghwa Telecom, while the rest will be divided equally between Taiwan Mobile and Far EasTone.

The sources suggest that most of the iPhone 4S available in Taiwan will have either 16 GB or 32 GB capacities, with the 64GB version only accounting for around 5 percent of the shipments.

Apparently, the tough negotiations over the iPhone 4S price are still ongoing, and analysts suggest that sales in Taiwan might not be quite so explosive as in other countries. This is partly due to studies which reveal that many buyers would rather wait for the next generation iPhone, expected to be announced in the summer of 2012, than commit to the 4S.

Mainland China is another market where analysts and users alike are waiting for Apple's latest iPhone. It seems that China Unicom will be the exclusive carrier of the iPhone 4S, at least until the Chinese New Year, which falls at the end of January.

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