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Microsoft Looking to Poach Developers from Amazon with Free Bacon

Software giant Microsoft is trying to poach engineers from Amazon by offering them free bacon.

Microsoft, which is planning to expand the size of its Kinect development team, has found a novel new way to attract potential employees - by offering them free bacon.

According to The Seattle Times (opens in new tab), the Windows maker had hired an ad agency called Wexley School for Girl which came up with the idea of this poaching drive.

The campaign, which comes with the tag lie ‘Wake up and Smell the Future', involves Microsoft setting up a bacon cart outside Amazon's headquarters in South Lake Union, in Seattle. The man who mans the cart and makes the bacon, is known as The Sizzler, it was reported.

The bacon, which is free for everyone who asks for it, is also available with a range of toppings including spray cheese, Sriracha, peanut butter, maple syrup and chocolate sauce.

How much success Microsoft has had with the campaign is yet to be seen as it started pretty recently. The cart is going to stay near Amazon's campus for a few more days then it would move to other locations frequented by engineers.

Whether Microsoft's cart will do a round of Google and Adobe headquarters in Seattle is still not clear.

[Image source: The Seattle Times (opens in new tab)]

Ravi Mandalia

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