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PC World Giving Interest Free Credit On iPad 2, Ends Today

The DSGi group which owns PC World, Currys and Dixons is currently offering six months interest free credit when you buy an iPad 2 instore or online.

Interested parties only have to pay a 10 per cent deposit and can walk out with the iPad. The monthly repayment over six months for the cheapest iPad 2 being £59.85, which eliminates the requirement of a big outlay (or whacking everything on the credit card).

The deal ends today and those customers who can't pay for the tablet within the set time frame will have to pay extra interest.

The iPad range is by far the most popular tablet device on the market with sales dwarfing those of its rivals like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the RIM Blackberry PlayBook.

Apple's grip on the market is so strong that there are rumours that the pure PC manufacturers may be planning to exit the tablet segment altogether.

The latest price cuts by RIM on its PlayBook as well as the recent exit by HP - with the end of the TouchPad - tend to support that theory.

Given that stocks of the older iPad are still on the market and that the iPad 3 is scheduled for March, the current deal could well be the start of a series aimed at reducing the numbers of iPads in the channel ahead of the next version.

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