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Samsung Mocks Apple in New Television Ad

After Motorola, it is now Samsung's turn to mock Apple with one of its advertising campaigns, which will air in the US on Thanksgiving Thursday.

The ad, which has already been uploaded on YouTube, mocks loyalist Apple fans who line-up outside Apple Stores every time a new product is launched.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 ad shows long lines outside mock Apple stores around the US. The people lined up outside the stores are discussing the features of the device that are supposed to be launched when they spot a Samsung Galaxy S 2 user on the street, who is incidentally not in line, as reported (opens in new tab) by Apple Insider.

Apple fans are portrayed wearing white earphones and carrying devices that look like the iPhone 4 or the iPod Touch with colored plastic shells.

Samsung signs off by declaring that the ‘Next big thing is already here' but not before it mocks Apple for having an inferior smaller screen, no 4G and network issues.

But no matter how hard Samsung and Motorola try to mock Apple, the fact remains that Apple dominates the smartphone and tablet market with an iron fist, in the form of the iPod and the iPhone.