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Does Siri Allow Hackers Access to iPhone 4S?

Siri's loyalty has been put to the test by the security firm Trend Micro, and the results reveal that the voice activated assistant integrated in Apple's handset is not to be trusted all of the time.

The security specialists (opens in new tab)managed to take control over Siri and trick the artificial intelligence into thinking that she was communicating with Apple servers, but instead the communications were intercepted by a third party.

The altered functionality of Siri can be turned into changed answers, redirected calls or even recorded conversations, all at hacker's whim. An iPhone 4S controlled by hackers allows Siri to disclose confidential information stored on the iPhone, like address book, calendar, emails and messages.

According to Trend Micro, Apple set up an authentication system "requiring that the server SSL key matches a given key ID, or is signed by a key with a set ID". In order to trick Siri, hackers would have to load a custom certificate into the device and control the local DNS.

A comparable breach of protocol, using a valid iPhone 4S ID, would help users to port Siri on other devices even though Apple intended the voice activated assistant to be exclusive for iPhone 4S.

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