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Social Networking Via Mobile Devices on the Rise

New figures published by ComScore show online social networking via mobile devices is growing at a rapid speed.

The statistics published are from September of this year and cover UK, Italy, France, and Spain. Interestingly, these statistics show 44 percent year on year rise in the number of people accessing social networking websites and blogs from mobile phones at a minimum of once a month. However, the frequency of usage is growing more and more rapidly. The report and data were published on the ComScore website.

Also, as per the data, there was an increase of 67 percent in "almost daily" access to social media using mobile devices. This is mostly due to increased use of apps. Access to social media via apps saw 101 percent growth as compared to 31 percent growth through a mobile browser.

Surprisingly, ComScore's statistics show that text messaging is still very much ahead of all Internet-related mobile activities. 82.9 percent of participants sent an SMS text while only 34.5 percent of users used an app they installed themselves.