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VMware Retracts OS X Client Virtualisation Following Goof Up

VMware, recently, decided to change its stand on letting users virtualise client installs of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, first by allowing it and then backtracking on its decision.

On Monday, the company acknowledged the additional client support for Fusion 4.1, but, at the same time claimed that the server edition checks were omitted (a bug) and are working on an update. This declaration was made through a brief post on VMware blog.

As a result of this VMware is planning to issue updates restricting users from installing only Snow Leopard Server, Leopard Server or the Lion Server.

Last week, VMware released the Fusion 4.1 along with a few updates and the most noticeable alteration was that the software stops putting restriction on users to access the server version of Snow Leopard (10.6) as well as Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5).

And, now Fusion 4.1 is giving users a "confirmation screen" to remind "verify that the operating system is licensed to run in a virtual machine." reported ARS Technica.

The blog post says that this confirmation screen is supposedly the new feature in Fusion 4.1 but, definitely the capability to install the client versions of Snow Leopard is not.