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Apple Expected To Include NFC in iPhone 5

Apple has been considering the integration of Near Field Communication technology in its iPhones for some time, now a report emanating from handset manufacturers in Asia indicates it is highly likely we will see an e-Wallet (or i-Wallet) application using NFC arriving with the iPhone 5 next year.

As we all know now, NFC didn't make its way into the iPhone 4S, with analysts pointing out that the time wasn't right, mainly due to its lack of widespread adoption. But time moves quickly in the tech world and, according to a recent report, the uptake of the technology is moving at a very fast pace.

DigiTimes (opens in new tab)claims that the proportion of smartphones integrating NFC will increase from the current 10% to more than 50% in just two to three years, according to its sources within the smartphone manufacturing industry; and Apple will certainly not want to miss out on this trend.

An article on MainDevice (opens in new tab) points out that the huge database of iTunes accounts with more than 200 million credit card details, could offer Apple a competitive edge in developing an e-Wallet application for iOS. Having a launch alongside the iPhone 5 next year, would give the feature a huge boost from the outset.

NFC enabled smartphones are already on the market, being offered by Apple's competitors like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and RIM.

Moreover, there is also growing support from carriers around the world for SIM-based NFC technology with, according to the source, no fewer than 45 carriers giving it their backing to become the main NFC standard.

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