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Apple Introduces Weekly Charts for iPad, iPhone Apps in the UK

Apple has started to publish weekly charts showing the performance of free and paid-for apps available for the iPhone and iPad in the UK.

The charts rely on sales and downloads reported by the British App Store over the previous seven days. However, the charts only indicate the rankings and do not give additional information such as number of downloads, ratings or any other additional figures.

The charts are published in partnership with the Press Association, The Guardian (opens in new tab) reports. The first published data about the preferences of British consumers reveals that the top iPhone apps are Dekovir Inc's Amazing Breaker (paid) and Ming Liang Chien's Hardest Game Ever (free). iPad owners preferred Apple's own Pages (paid) and BSkyB's Sky Movies (free).

One conclusion seems to stick out from the analysis: Apple's teams have managed to develop applications that are appreciated by users, as four out of the top ten iPad apps are Apple-owned.

UK users are particularly interested in TV apps, such as Sky Movies, ITV Player, 4oD Catch Up and Channel 5's Demand 5. BBC's iPlayer is a disappointing absence from the top ten so far, but there is still time for improvement.

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