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AppMobi Offers Black Friday Deals to App Developers

AppMobi, the HTML5 development tool provider, is offering Black Friday deals for programmers. On this particular day, AppMobi will open-source many key technologies of HTML5 with the hope that this move can contribute to the development of more mobile web apps.

AppMobi is trying to accelerate the market for HTML 5 mobile apps to secure a position for itself like Heroku or Red Hat for HTML5 mobile.

On this Friday, AppMobi will launch APIs via GitHub which will help developers build native-like web apps. This also includes AppMobi's cross-platform device APIs that are capable of supporting HTML5 development for Android and iOS platforms.

The purpose of AppMobi is to provide help to mobile web developers to bridge the gap between native apps and web apps that provide better functionality and performance.

For example, the DirectCanvas API helps game makers build gaming related apps that are often 5 to 20 times faster than those already operating. Other APIs help developers access key hardware functions like the camera of a device, as reported (opens in new tab) by GigaOm.

AppMobi's CTO Sam Abadir said, "We view the core technology of HTML5 as a tide that floats all boats."