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Barnes & Noble Slashes Nook Simple Touch Price In US

Barnes & Noble has announced that it wil be cutting the price of its Nook Simple Touch ebook reader, the equivalent of the Amazon Kindle, to a mere $79 on Black Friday, which is in 48 hours.

The tablet, which comes with a white border to differentiate it from the other models, will be available only in the US while stocks last.

The new Nook Simple Touch was announced earlier this month and comes with an improved 6-inch e-ink display that, B&N claims, reduces the page turn by a quarter to 450ms.

Battery life is also a key factor with one single charge giving enough juice for up to 60 days, plus it can hold up to 1000 books.

The Simple Touch is the little brother of the Nook Color and the Nook tablet. The latter, which was launched as a direct rival to the Amazon Kindle Fire, costs $249, $50 more than Amazon's tablet, but comes with some additional features.

Barnes & Noble claims that its Simple Touch comes without "distracting ads", although given the success of Amazon's 'special offers' ad-supported Kindle, one can expect B&N, like Kobo, to follow suit sooner rather than later to keep prices down.

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