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EMC Releases Updates for Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform

EMC has launched upgrades for their Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform which will add new metering services along with additional administrative reporting and new controls.

Also, the Atmos GeoDrive, a software program that represents cloud storage as a drive letter on computer systems, is now capable of being deployed on Linux servers. Previously, this software could be used only on Windows systems.

Atmos, which is EMC's cloud software, has been specifically designed for the management of information for world wide distribution of big data and environments of cloud storage.

This allows unstructured data to be stored on multiple systems and at data centre locations while at the same time providing administrators a single console view and also "policy-based control of the infrastructure," as reported (opens in new tab) by Computer World.

Atmos products sold by EMC are utilised in both corporate data centres and providers of storage services who are willing to set up a "service-oriented architecture for customers."

The Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform is available pre-configured but "it turns out in many cases service providers have their own customisation they want to do to those pages," said the director of marketing at EMC, Jon Martin.