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Hitachi Creates Cloud Network for Urban Infrastructures

Hitachi has announced its plans for creating a massive cloud based network which will run software that is capable of integrating data from multiple infrastructures across cities.

The company said that as of now various infrastructures like road, transport, and shipping were operating in isolated environments. The data generated by these infrastructures, which can be of huge benefit, remains largely untapped.

Hitachi plans to offer a series of cloud based software programs capable of collecting and analysing data collected from several infrastructures.

According to an an article on PC World, the company acknowledges the security risks that come with such an offering.

To address this issue, Kaichiro Sakuma, the head of Hitachi's platform division, said the company will provide separate cloud networks for handling sensitive data and dedicate teams whose job will be to keep the networks secure and up and running.

"Currently, these systems exist independently, such as train control systems or company management systems, but we can connect them using the cloud. This is something that other IT vendors can't offer," he said.