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HTC Set To Launch Chromebook?

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC is apparently considering plans to launch what could be qualified as Internet-access devices.

According to Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai of Digitimes, these products, that sit between netbooks and tablets could carry both Chrome OS and Android OS.

Chromebooks have not been performing as well as expected, partly because their price is comparable to that of traditional Windows laptops but also because they rely on the cloud for storage.

The cumulative sales figures for both the Samsung Series 5 and the Acer AC700 Chromebook is said to be around 30,000.

Moving from Intel to ARM could dramatically cut down the price of Chromebooks with manufacturers using economies of scale, by reusing the same components and cutting down on development costs.

A $199 ARM-based Chromebook would be likely, Digitimes suggests, to hit the sweet spot for customers.

We know already that Chrome OS and Android will sooner or later merge. Given that both Microsoft and Apple appear to have plans to merge their desktop and mobile platforms in the longer term, it doesn't make sense for Google to maintain two separate platforms.

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