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iPad 3 to Feature 2048x1536 High Resolution Display

Until recently, some industry observers appeared to have given up any hope that the next generation iPad would feature a Retina Display. Reports had suggested that Apple's supply chain couldn't gear up fast enough to organise mass production of the high resolution displays for the iPad 3, others pointed to Moore's Theory claiming that getting such advanced screens produced on the desired scale was simply undoable at this point in time.

However, a few days ago, Richard Shim, an analyst for DisplaySearch, proclaimed in an interview with Cnet (opens in new tab)regarding the iPad 3 displays "It's happening - QXGA 2048 x 1536. Panel production has started." He also confirmed the three suppliers that DigiTimes had revealed previously: Samsung Electronics, LG Display and Sharp.

According to Apple's product refresh cycle, the new iPad should hit the market in around four months from now, and it seems likely we will see the top quality display on Apple's tablets not only on the latest iPhones.

Of course the pixel density at 264ppi would still not be quite as high as the 326ppi on the iPhone 4/4S, and some say a 'Retina Display' requires 300ppi - but others say because a tablet is held further away from the eyes (but how far?), it does qualify for the hallowed Retina Display label.

If it does transpire that the next generation iPad will have a screen resolution of 2048x1536 pixels, the iPad 3 will be a significant leap from the current iPad 2 with a 1024x768 pixel display.

This could even backfire on Apple in the short-term if shoppers decide to hold back on buying the current top of the range tablet during the forthcoming holiday season.

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