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Lenovo Preparing 5-Inch Tablet

Lenovo is set to launch a 5-inch tablet which will be the third device to come in that size, after the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Dell Streak 5.

According to Richard Lai, from Engadget, the device - whose identity was revealed by an anonymous tipster - will be sold in China under the LePad brand and elsewhere as an IdeaTab.

Photos sent to Lai showed that there is a microUSB port, a microHDMI output and a front facing camera, with some commentators pointing out that there is an earpiece-like feature not unlike what can be found on Dell's Streak 5 handset.

The obvious question is whether the tablet can actually make calls rather than just handle data. Given that large size smartphones are becoming the norm (at least as far as Android is concerned), it would make sense for Lenovo to release a smartphone rather than just a tablet.

Hardware-wise, we can expect the 5-inch LePad to come with a 1280x720 pixel capacitive touchscreen, an Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset, up to 1GB RAM, up to 16GB onboard storage, microSD, Wi-Fi etc. How Lenovo will position the tablet (or hopefully smartphone), will be crucial to its success. As it stands, the smartphone market is more open compared to the tablet sector, where Apple rules outright.

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