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Maersk Line Signs 5-Year Deal with HP; Create Cloud Computing Network

Maersk Line, the world's largest shipping company, has signed a $150 million plus deal with Hewlett Packard to speed its global growth using cloud computing.

HP said that the under the 5-year deal, the company will optimise Maersk Line's technology infrastructure with its cloud based data centres and HP Workplace services, turning the the shipping giant into an ‘Instant-on enterprise.'

The company has plans to create a private cloud for Maersk Line, for its distributed and local applications using HP's wide range of cloud computing solutions, as reported (opens in new tab) by Data Center Knowledge.

"Maersk Line operates in a competitive global industry that demands innovation to create the agile technology infrastructure we need to be a leader among our peers," said Adam Gade, chief information officer, Maersk Line.

"HP's global scope combined with its proven expertise in standardising technology across large enterprises will help us deliver greater value to our business and support our ability to remain the world's most reliable container shipping company," he added.

HP will also use its Workplace service platform to provide support for the computing devices like laptops and desktops for Maersk Line employees. The shipping company has more than 38,000 peope in over 100 countries, so it will a daunting task for HP.