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Microsoft Claims iPhone 4S Siri is Nothing New

Microsoft has claimed that its Windows Phone 7 platform has had Siri like capabilities for over a year.

Apple launched the iPhone 4S with a new feature called Siri, which is a voice controlled virtual assistant, which allows users to compose and send text messages, make calls, get directions or search the web, by merely speaking to the device.

However, Microsoft's chief strategy and research officer Craig Mundie has claimed that there is nothing new in this technology as Windows Phone 7 already has it, Forbes reports.

He also claimed that Apple is focusing its entire iPhone 4S marketing campaign around Siri because the device lacks any new feature.

Mundie says that the Windows Phone 7 platform comes with a feature called ‘Tell Me', which performs virtually all the functions that Siri does. But, the question here is, did Microsoft forget to tell people about the feature but suddenly remembered it when Apple launched iPhone 4S?

What differentiates Apple from its competition is its marketing prowess, how it presents its products to the masses that stand in line for hours before an Apple product is supposed to be launched.