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Microsoft Condemns Cloud Storage Providers, Looking at Improving SkyDrive

Microsoft has admitted that its SkyDrive is, at present, too complex besides being limited and it has confirmed that improvements are coming soon.

Omar Shahine, a group program manager for SkyDrive, recently said that by relying on cloud to sync, store and manage files, devices as well as users are running more into obstacles with present online services, on the company's blog post.

Shahine not only condemned limitations in Dropbox, iCloud and Google Docs and many other cloud services but also condemned the company's own products.

Shahine said, "We sometimes hear from customers who want to use SkyDrive in key scenarios but encounter limitations."

He added, "Over the years, we have built products that have been too complex. Often, we've asked customers to play 'system integrator' across numerous of our services and numerous other cloud services."

The group program manager also revealed some of the criticisms faced by the service. The post also disclosed statistics showing low adoption of SkyDrive among many power users.

With the goal of a brighter future for SkyDrive service, Shahine pointed out some prime benefits provided by any ideal cloud-based service. On their goal Shahine said, "We know we have a ways to go to deliver a cloud that seamlessly connects today's files with tomorrow's modern device and app experiences."