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Mobile Penetration in UK to Exceed 150% by 2016 Claims Research

Recently, a new research was conducted by Pyramid Research, in which it was revealed that the revenue generated by mobile data services will reach £7.7 billion by 2016. In next five years out of all the handsets shipped in UK 90.8% will be smartphones that will eventually lead to demand for more mobile data.

Olena Kaplan, an associate analyst at Pyramid Research, which published the report "UK: Content and Connectivity Provide Growth Opportunities for UK Telcos", said in the report that data card adoption as well as uptake in machine to machine services will rise.

The report also claimed that mobile penetration in UK might reach 152.8% that is almost 98 million subscriptions by 2016. The research firm also speculated that smartphone adoption will increase by 40% after five years which is up from 50% in the current year.

Kaplan commented, "The growing demand for simultaneous data access by multiple devices, which will be met by 4G technology following the 4G license auction in 2012, will result in mobile data service revenue reaching 7.7 billion pounds Sterling ($11.7 billion) by 2016." reported Computer Business Review.