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New Kernel Patch to Fix Power Regression Issues in Linux Systems

A new kernel patch for fixing power regression problems related to the latest version of Linux will be made available soon.

The problem affects those Linux systems using the 2.6.38 version also known as Linux kernel. Due to this problem, the Linux systems have started consuming more power which eventually resulted in less hours of use during every battery charge.

As a result of Linux kernel regressions, the consumption of power of the Intel Sandy Bridge notebook which runs on the Ubuntu Linux with Kernel 3.1 has enhanced by 76 percent at the beginning of this year, as reportedby Phoronix. Also, as of the start of this month, the latest patch that appears to be a fix was proposed once and for all.

The current problem seems to be the disabling of PCI Express Active State Power Management in many systems which is a feature specifically designed to save power in the latest Linux 2.6.38 - this feature gets disabled which it should not be.

The new 60 line patch will revert power use to what it was in earlier versions of kernel prior to Linux 2.6.38, as reportedby Phoronix.