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Nokia To Deliver Two Battery Fix Updates For Lumia 800

Nokia has announced that it will roll out two software updates that should fix recurrent battery-related issues that have plagued the Nokia Lumia 800.

The company issued a statement saying: "A software update in early December will include improvements to power efficiency, while a second update in early January introduces further enhancements to battery life and battery charging."

Nokia also added, "anyone who still has concerns contact local Nokia care representatives at their earliest convenience."

As some have noted, the iOS 5.0.1 update was supposed to eradicate battery woes on the iPhone 4S but failed to do so, prompting Apple engineers to go back to the drawing board and prepare an iOS 5.0.2 patch.

The device, which was launched last month, is currently the flagship mobile at Nokia, and is powered by the Windows Phone Mango.

While the phone is available from as little as £400 on PAYG at 3 Mobile, we've managed to use two little O2-only tricks to bring down the price of the handset (albeit locked to O2, Tesco Mobile and GiffGaff) to just over £340 with free minutes and texts bundled in.

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