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Nokia Lumia 800 Q4 Sales Lower than iPhone 4S in a Day, Analysts Predict

Analyst estimates suggest that Nokia Lumia 800 will sell less in the holiday season than the iPhone 4S sold in a single day of pre-ordering, The Guardian (opens in new tab) reports.

Apple's latest handset broke all preorder sales records following months and months of speculation and marketing hype, but Nokia's re-entry to the smartphone market has also been highly anticipated following the company's all-or-nothing alliance with Microsoft's Windows Phone.

The Nokia 800 hit the UK and five other European markets last Wednesday, and the first impressions from analysts are that the Lumia 800 doesn't look like being the comeback handset to propel the Finnish manufacturer back towards the summit of the smartphone market.

James Faucette, analyst for Pacific Crest, a US technology investment bank, published a report indicating a disappointing launch period, with shipments of Nokia's new Windows Phone being far lower than they had previously anticipated.

"We had expected that the company could ship as many as 2m units into the six targeted markets for the holidays; however, we now believe that those shipments are likely to be less than 1m for the quarter."

Faucette explains that data from retailers indicates that their could be just around 500,000 Lumia 800 handsets actually sold to customers, as opposed to shipments to retailers, by the end of the year.

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