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Nokia Windows Phone 7 applications coming to non Nokia mobile phones

Microsoft related news website WinRumors has run with an article that the Finnish phone makers could be making their exclusive Nokia Drive, Maps and Music software for other Windows Phone 7 devices.

WinRumors has sited that Nokia has held an event in Bangalore, where speakers reportedly revealed Nokia Drive and Maps will be free for Lumia users but paid for on other Windows Phone customers.

The site has noted that two separate tweets from those present at the event have been discovered, which have both been retweeted by Nokia’s official Indian Twitter account, adding authenticity and confirmation of their contents.

This comes only a short time after the Nokia Music, Maps and Drive applications have been extracted from the Lumia 800 and made available to non-Nokia WP7 handsets, which OMR covered here and here.

‘If the reports are genuine then it would make sense for Nokia to offer these applications out to other Windows Phone users and create more awareness for its Lumia devices and an additional revenue stream.’, adds WinRumors.

Whilst finishing with – ‘Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has previously promised that the company plans to differentiate with services and software unique to Windows Phone alongside the design and hardware aspects.’

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