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Problems already plaguing Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Consumer electronics giant Samsung released its first AndroidIce Cream Sandwich’ 4.0 mobile phone last week – in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, where issues and bugs have already been seen with the handset.

Well-known developer's forum xda-developers (opens in new tab) have had their posters write about a volume issue, where the user jonnyguitar has written: ‘This morning the volume went down on its own. I actually saw the volume bar appear and decrease, as if I was pushing down on the rocker.’

He went on to mention – ‘It happened twice. Both times I was hammering the phone so perhaps it's related to RAM? The first time I was moving six 400mb avi files from one folder to another using a file manager app, and listening to MP3s at the same time.’

Other posters to the site have also seen this happening, with Pocket Lint (opens in new tab) reporting this is related to ‘the SAV-Ghost, or Self Aware Volume Ghost if you prefer the full title’.

‘There doesn’t appear to be a fix for the problem at the moment, nor do we know if it is hardware or software based.’ – notes the website.

Phones 4U, the exclusive retail partner in the UK, has been in contact with Pocket Lint with the following message – ‘Our customer service and repair departments have so far received no complaints regarding any software issues on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus handsets they've purchased, and with the exception of one customer in our Oxford Street store yesterday, we've not been made aware of any software issues with the device.’

* UPDATE 1 *

Samsung has now acknowledged this problem, with posting a message to Facebook that reads - 'Regarding the Galaxy Nexus, we are aware of the volume issue and have developed a fix. We will update devices as soon as possible.'

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