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Samsung releases Apple iPhone 4S video

Consumer electronics giant Samsung is now running a video in the USA that satirically pokes fun at the AppleiPhone 4S, which points out the foibles of the iPhone 4 – such as the mobile looks the same and the previous model.

Samsung's Mobile USA video is entitled 'Why Wait? The Next Big Thing Is Already Here' and is based around Apple iPhone owners queuing outside an Apple store in USA, for the iPhone 4S to go on sale.

The video goes on to show the same long queues in San Francisco, Denver, Boston, Seattle and Chicago - with 9 hours to go, until they are all able to buy the iPhone 4S.

Comments that are heard by people from the queue surround: 'the blogs are saying the battery is sketchy' and 'if it looks the same; how will people know I upgraded' – highlighting that both the Samsung Galaxy S and S II have different appearances, along with a little home truth aimed at Apple.

This is followed by people in the queue, in different parts of the country, all noticing people nearby with the Samsung Galaxy S II.

The video goes on to note that the potential Apple iPhone 4S buyers see the Galaxy S II's 4.3-inch display and state that the screen is 'massive', compared with the 3.5-inch iPhone 4 – which is then seen side by side.

Whilst the Galaxy owners mention the mobile has 4G speeds and then all the Apple store queues in unison realise the phone is a Samsung, with one of them saying 'Is this what adultery feels like'.

A Samsung owner states 'It's the next thing', whilst another asks the in the queue 'why don't you just get 4G phones?' - highlighting that Apple hasn't deployed the latest high speed mobile broadband technology to their devices.

At the end, the words come up on the screen ‘The Next Big Thing Is Already Here’ which hammers home the iPhone 5 isn’t around yet.

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