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Shootmania will let gamers create own FPS titles

During Ubisoft's Digital Day in London, it was revealed that the new FPS title from Nadeo, known as Shootmania, will allow gamers to create their own full FPS games, as well as individual maps.

This is the second title the developer has added to its Maniaplanet trilogy, which will also see the release of Questmania included further down the line. Currently the only finished game under the franchise's belt is Trackmania 2: Canyon.

The FPS title, Shootmania, has been in in development for six years (opens in new tab) and is designed to offer the tools to create a purist shooter with an intuitive map and objective system that's completely customisable by players.

"It will give the freedom to the FPS community to build their own games, to build their own modes," said Thomas Paincon, Nadeo's online brand marketing group manager in an interview with Games Industry (opens in new tab) (requires free account sign-up).

"Because right now ManiaPlanet is just Trackmania 2 Canyon, we can't see the different bridges between both titles. Now it is a concept, but when ShootMania releases next year it will be more understandable to players, how they can benefit from one to the other."

The idea behind the Maniaplanet platform is that it will offer interlinking elements between the titles. You'll be able to earn in-game money racing in Trackmania 2, then use that to buy upgrades in Shootmania. Why that's necessary, we don't really know - but it's something Ubisoft and Nadeo are certainly excited about.

"It has to be seen as an environment. Yes, it takes more time than other titles, Like Ghost Recon Online or Settlers, but it's really a mid-term or long-term vision," Paincon continued.

Paincon also discussed how Nadeo was a studio of engineers, not level designers. The plan was to create a large selection of tools that players can pick up and use without difficulty, allowing them to put together a large portion of the game's content; the same ethos that made the original free-to-play Trackmania such a success.

Ubisoft is certainly trialling something new with this setup, but until Shootmania and eventually Questmania are released, it's up in the air whether a business model like this will entice gamers, or if the individual games themselves will just be taken at face value. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.