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Steve Jobs' Shares of Walk Disney Co. Worth $4.6 Billion

The 7.7 percent stake of the Walt Disney Co. held by the late Steve Jobs was transferred to a trust led by Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of the Apple co-founder.

In a 13G regulatory filing it was revealed that The Steven P. Jobs Trust owns 138 million Disney's common shares valued at $4.6 billion during the closing of trading yesterday. The same filing lists Powell Jobs as the trustee of the trust and that it has no intention of influencing control of Disney.

In 2006, Steve Jobs sold his Pixar computer animation studio for $7.01 billion in stock to California based Walt Disney Co., an entertainment and theme-park company, and became the biggest shareholder of the company.

According to the filing, after the death of Jobs on October 5th, the trust received beneficial ownership of those Disney shares and address of the trust has been listed as the office of Howson & Simon LLP in Walnut Creek, California, as reported (opens in new tab) by Business Week.

Steve Jobs bought Pixar from George Lucas, the producer of Star Wars, in 1986 and invested around $55 million in it. Besides Walt Disney Co. shares, Jobs also owned 5.55 million Apple shares worth around $2.04 billion, as per the 13G filling.