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AMNews: NFC May Replace Cash by 2016, Linux Kernel Patch, Disney Films on YouTube, Nokia Lumai 800 Sales Forecast

A recent survey says that in next five years consumers will be able to make payment for everything available on high street through their mobile phones. The survey was conducted by Forrester and commissioned by PayPal in which it was found that "2016 will be the year when UK shoppers will be able to use their mobile phones to pay for things on the high street with digital money rather than cash, cheques or cards", reported The Telegraph.

A new kernel patch for fixing power regression problems related to the latest version of Linux will be made available soon. The problem affects those Linux systems using the 2.6.38 version also known as Linux kernel. Due to this problem, the Linux systems have started consuming more power which eventually resulted in less hours of use during every battery charge.

Disney films will now be available on YouTube for rent. This move seems like the newest play by the Google-owned website to turn itself into an online digital stage for digital video content. Hundreds of Disney films including Pixar and Dream Works have joined the stock of Hollywood titles that can be enjoyed as streaming rentals at

Analysts are coming down hard on Nokia by cutting first quarter sales estimates for its first ever Windows Phone 7 device by half. According to an article on Channel Register, analysts believe Nokia will only be able to sell 500,000 units of the Lumia 800 device in the first quarter instead of the 1 million devices they had earlier predicted.

Hitachi has announced its plans for creating a massive cloud based network which will run software that is capable of integrating data from multiple infrastructures across cities. The company said that as of now various infrastructures like road, transport, and shipping were operating in isolated environments. The data generated by these infrastructures, which can be of huge benefit, remains largely untapped.

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