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Apple Brings Black Friday Fever to UK

Apple, which never offers any discount, has extended the Black Friday fever to the UK by offering discounted Macs, iPods, iPhones and iPads.

Black Friday is the day when businesses, on the day after Thanksgiving, open very early in the morning and offer products at a discounted rate to kick off the Christmas shopping spree. On this day retailers and businesses alike offer massive discounts making it a great time for buying consumer electronic devices.

According to 9to5Mac, the price cuts being offered by Apple in the US for Black Friday, which will apply to both its online shop and Apple Store, are moderate but some of the deals are the cheapest ones that the company has ever offered.

Here in the UK, where traditionally no Black Friday extravaganza occurs, Apple has launched the one day only special scheme, which not only offers some of the cheapest iPad and iPods, but also offers great discounts on Apple and third party accessories.

The company is offering the 16GB WiFi iPad 2 for just £368 while the iMac is being offered for £918. The fourth generation iPod Touch is available for £154 from the Apple website and the iPod Nano has been cut to £104.