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Apple launches Black Friday iPad, MacBook Air deals

Apple has unveiled its Black Friday deals for the UK, shaving a not-inconsiderable amount off its notoriously pricey products for one day only.

Although traditionally a US phenomenon, Black Friday - which typically starts on a Monday, and extends through to the so-called 'Cyber Monday' the week after - is becoming increasingly popular with retailers on this side of the pond, with Amazon getting in on the act for the second year running with a range of 'lightning deals.'

Apple is being a bit more restrained: while it, too, is offering time-sensitive discounts on its products, it's doing so for today only so as to keep the Black Friday theme a little more explicable.

The headline deals include an £81 discount on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac products - not a huge amount, but certainly welcome if you were in the market for one of the devices anyway - and £31 off the iPad 2 16GB, £41 off the 32GB and £51 off the 64GB model.

Sadly, that's about the extent of the major deals: the iPod Touch range gets a somewhat miserly £15 to £35 discount, and the iPod Nano just £11 off the standard retail price - bringing it to a level just about competitive with Amazon's standard selling price.

Third party accessories also get a discount, with the biggest deal an impressive £101 off the Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air speaker dock, although at just shy of £400 after the discount is applied it's not quite the bargain it seems.

All discounts are live now on the Apple Store.