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Carrier IQ Drops Lawsuit Against Security Researcher

A company that makes an application that allows smartphone makers to monitor the performance of the device has withdrawn a legal threat it had filed against a security researcher who claimed the software was in fact a malicious ‘rootkit.'

Carrier IQ, which makes the tracking software, decided to retract the threat made to security researcher Trevor Eckhart and apologised for threatening him.

Eckhart had published a report using the company's own training material on the software it developed for smartphone makers. He alleged in the report that the software remained hidden from users and dubbed it as a rootkit.

Carrier IQ responded harshly to his report, sending him a seize and desist letter, asking him to remove the published report and take his words back in a public statement. It was not until after the Electronic Frontier Foundation came to the rescue that the company backtracked and issued a public apology, as reported (opens in new tab) by Wired.

"As of today, we are withdrawing our cease and desist letter to Mr. Trevor Eckhart. We have reached out to Mr. Eckhart and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to apologize. Our action was misguided and we are deeply sorry for any concern or trouble that our letter may have caused Mr. Eckhart," the company wrote in its apology.

|We sincerely appreciate and respect EFF's work on his behalf, and share their commitment to protecting free speech in a rapidly changing technological world," it added.