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CLW Asks Apple, IBM to Encourage Better Working Conditions in Warehouse

About 1,000 workers at a Chinese manufacturer that makes parts from Apple and IBM organised a one-day strike to protest low wages and increasing work times.

The one-day strike took place at Jingmo Electronics Corporation's manufacturing plant located in Shenzhen business district in south China on November 22, the Channel Register reports (opens in new tab).

Law enforcement agencies were forced to deploy anti-rioting units after workers moved to block a national highway as a part of their protest.

According to China Labour Watch, a Chinese worker welfare group, the employees were protesting the company's decision to make night shift workers work overtime.

CLW claimed that workers in the factory put in 100-200 hours of overtime every month, but were not allowed to work on weekends because the company would have to pay them double wages as per Chinese law.

"China Labour Watch calls upon Apple, IBM and the other clients of this factory to assume responsibility for these workers' dissatisfaction and work with the factory to improve the working conditions in the factory," said CLW in a statement.

"We particularly urge Apple to take responsibility, as there are more than 300 workers working on the Apple keyboard assembly line," it added.