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Currys left red-faced over £22 laptop gaffe

Retail giant Currys, part of the DSGi retail group, has been left red-faced after accidentally putting a Samsung netbook on sale at £22, rather than the intended £229.

Blaming human error for the flaw, Currys reneged on its unintentional Black Friday bargain after news of the deal spread across the web and an estimated 2,000 punters chanced their arm on the deal.

"It is obviously a genuine mistake," a spokesperson for the company told the Telegraph. "Unfortunately human error does occur. Somebody’s got fat finger syndrome."

While the device wasn't one of Samsung's finest - being a netbook powered by one of Intel's low-power Atom chips - for £22 it would have been a bargain to rival that of the TouchPad, HP's £89 webOS-powered tablet.

Sadly, unlike HP's entirely intentional discounting, Currys has cancelled everyone's orders using a part of the site's terms and conditions which exclude errors and omissions - often written as E&OE, because clearly every consumer knows what that means.

Those who did place an order will be contacted by the company and given the chance to re-order the device at the official price of £229 - an offer very few are likely to accept. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.