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Education Authority asks Parents to Buy iPad 2 as Christmas Present

No-one would accuse Scottish parents of not being generous towards their children, but a local education authority has maybe taken things a bit far by proposing they buy Apple's latest tablet for their kids this Christmas to use in lessons, The Daily Express (opens in new tab) reports.

The scheme: “One-to-one learning system in the school with Apple iPad technology” is being put forward by Aberdeen Council education authority, who are trying to convince parents to buy an iPad 2 for their children, touting it as an invaluable tool for learning.

The parents are expected to come up with £444 for the device, or if they can't afford to pay that amount, the school officials have proposed the option of leasing the device for a monthly fee of £13.43. After 36 months, the parents then have the option to buy the iPad 2 for the "agreed market value".

In an information pack for parents, the Council's education board wrote: “We are sure some parents might be considering Santa’s gifts just now and we were keen for parents to take advantage of the Apple iPad 2 prices quoted as the best in the world.”

While "not denying the role" of the modern technology in education, many parents are outraged by the decision, and they are worried this might lead to unequal education opportunities, even from primary school age.

"I am deeply concerned that we could end up with a two-tier education system, the haves and the have-nots" Willie Young, a Labour group spokesman stated.

Parents at Kingswells Primary (where it is initially being piloted) are to vote on the proposed scheme, that many of them have called "a disgrace", by December 6th.

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