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Former Head of Formula One Files Lawsuit Against Google in Germany and France

The former head of Formula One, Max Mosley, has announced he has filed a lawsuit against Google in Germany and France to force the search engine giant to monitor its searches.

Mosley told the Leveson Inquiry, which is investigating the News of the World phone hacking scandal, he was taking action against Google to make sure websites that carry reference to his alleged ‘Nazi themed' sex party or the infamous video itself are not allowed to be searched by Google users, as reported (opens in new tab) by The Telegraph.

He said that he has already taken legal action in 22 countries and got 193 websites to remove the offensive material in Germany alone.

Mosley's lawyers have already asked Google to remove references to the scandals from its search engine and Google has complied with these requests. However, he wants to make sure that Google monitors its search engine so the material does not appear again.

"Google's search results reflect the information available on billions of web pages on the Internet. We don't, and can't, control what others post online, but when we're told that a specific page is illegal under a court order, then we move quickly to remove it from our search results," said Google in a statement.