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Google Plans Multiple Updates to Chrome in 2012

Google is planning a series of significant updates for its Chrome web browser.

Speaking during the Develop conference in Liverpool, Google's Paul Kinlan revealed that the browser will be updated with native support for gamepads, webcam and WebRTC. The updates will be launched in the first quarter of 2012.

With the native plug-and-play game pad support, Google is planning to bring a console-like gaming experience to the web browser. As the adoption of HTML 5 rises and the popularity of Google's Chrome Web Store increases, games for the browser are becoming increasingly popular for users, as reported (opens in new tab) by Tech Crunch.

Game pad support for Chrome will allow Chromebook users to play games more easily, without the need for installing a plug-in or third party software.

Google also plans to bring native plug-and-play support for webcams and microphones, making it easier for users to communicate online with the web browser. The webcam and microphone can also be used for augmented reality applications that seem to be on the rise.

The company also plans to introduce native support for open source real-time communications software WebRTC. The technology will be used to enhance in-browser video chat experience, without the need for installing plug-ins or third party software.