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Intel Delays Launch of Atoms Processors

The launch of the next generation of Atoms processors by Intel has been postponed again.

The 32nm Cedar Trail chips were to launch sometime in the third quarter, however, the launch has again been postponed.

According to reports, no Cedar Trail products will be shipped in time for the holiday season. Chip maker Intel will officially introduce Cedar Trail by the end of December, which for all intents and purposes means 2012.

According to earlier reports, Intel was forced to drop 64-bit as well as DirectX 10 support due to graphics driver related issues, WHQL certification, that delayed the launch further.

Even though the latest N2xxx series Atoms will be able to outpace its predecessors, its position against AMD's Brazor platform has yet to be seen.

At the same time, AMD also ran into trouble with the 28nm APU plans, thus, Cedar Trail will not be able to cause too much damage to Intel, as reported by Fudzilla.

But, Atom N2600 along with N2800 is still the "best Atom processors," so even if the launch is delayed the quality of the product remains unchanged.