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Intel Developing Thunderbolt Ultrabook Docking Station

It is a well known fact that Apple and Intel collaborated to develop bright Thunderbolt for the Mac line of notebooks. The interface of Thunderbolt is real fast and provides all types of connectivity options.

Now, according to rumours, chip maker Intel is working to bring the Thunderbolt port to their Ultrabook platform to be used with a docking station. However, to succeed, Intel must get some notebook maker on board. At present, one can dock notebooks with the use of USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports, as reported by Slash Gear.

Even though it sounds good, this docking station will probably not work on any other computer.

According to VR Zone reports, Intel plans to integrate Thunderbolt with non-Thunderbolt connectors in one common housing and also provide a dock connector.

With this combo-connector users will able to transform their Ultrabooks into a proper desktop with only port replicators and a cable.

The big dock connector with a mini DisplayPort connector will create a bulky device and more so if fitted on Ultrabooks, which is ultrathin. In fact, there will be issues of power supply as well as LAN connectivity as well, reportsFudzilla.