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Intel Supports Civic Ventures’ Encore Fellowship

Civic Ventures, a San Francisco based group, has been gaining a lot of attention lately for giving a push to a project called "Encore Fellowship". The aim of this project is to help workers who are closing towards their "retirement age serve at nonprofits".

Chip making giant, Intel, is giving a big boost to this initiative by being a part of the pilot program which allows all the employees of Intel eligible for retirement to apply for such types of fellowships.

Hewlett-Packard as well as Agilent also contributed through sponsoring Encore fellows, still Intel remains the very first company to provide such level of commitment and contribution.

The program manager at Intel, Rick Henderson, is leading these types of various efforts and estimated that around 7 percent workforce of the company are eligible for such projects. Thus, in the total workforce of around 99,800 of Intel almost 7,000 employees can apply, reported The Wall Street Journal.

Civic Venture commented that the Intel's contribution has been the reason behind the largest expansion of the program and at present almost 100 people have gone through this program or are serving as a fellow.

Civic Venture's founder and CEO, Marc Freedman, said, "We are just very excited about the program".