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iPhone 4S Gets a Cool Reception in South Korea

Although the iPhone 4S has broken sales records in the US and Europe, it hasn't performed quite as well on all markets; in Asia Apple's newest smartphone has met with contrasting levels of enthusiasm, the Korea Times (opens in new tab) reports.

While in Hong Kong thousands of customers were waiting for hours in front of the Apple Store to get their hands on the coveted handset, in South Korea customers have been significantly more reserved.

Having been available for preorder since November 4th at two of the largest South Korean carriers, KT and SK Telecom, the iPhone 4S has sold less than 150,000 units.

This is far a from an encouraging number for country with a population of 50 million, compared to the whopping sales of 4 million handsets sold in the first weekend of availability in the US (with over a million sales in the first day of preorders).

Under the circumstances, the two carriers have decided to start retail sales ahead of schedule this week in order to have a better chance of attaining their sales targets.

Analysts believe that potential buyers have been made aware of some of the iPhone 4S' shortcomings. The most annoying issue remains the short battery life span, although Apple has been trying to address this problem with iOS 5 updates (with a limited amount of success so far).

In addition, some of the potential buyers are still a bit miffed by the fact that they didn't get the anticipated iPhone 5, which is now all the more close for those regions towards the end of Apple's launch schedule.

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