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ISPs Can’t Be Ordered to Filter Illegal File Sharing Traffic Rules ECJ

The European Court of Justice has ruled that internet service providers can't be ordered to filter file sharing websites as it is against European law.

The landmark came as a part of a case between Belgium based ISP Scarlet and a copyright holder group Sabam, reveals ZD Net.

The ruling is expected to have a limited impact on cases involving file sharing websites and ISPs in the UK.

The European Court of Justice ruled that ordering ISPs to filer file sharing websites conflicted with laws against general monitoring and gave too much importance to copyright holders.

"EU law precludes an injunction made against an internet service provider requiring it to install a system for filtering all electronic communications passing via its services which applies indiscriminately to all its customers, as a preventive measure, exclusively at its expense and for an unlimited period," the ECJ said in a statement.

The top European court also ruled that users' IP address came under ‘protected personal data', which means, the IP addresses are protected under EU law. It remains to be seen how much impact this ruling has in the UK.