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Linux Mint Tops Popularity Charts as Ubuntu Tumbles

Ubuntu, the Linux Distribution, is losing popularity rapidly with tremendous growth pace of Linux Mint.

On Monday, the Linux Distribution popularity tracker of Distrowatch updates showed that Canonical's Ubuntu went down to fourth position and at the same time Linux Mint is increasing their lead at the topmost position.

According to records, for more than a couple of years Ubuntu secured the top position in the popularity list of Distrowatch but, over the last year its position slipped to second spot and now it is ranked in fourth position, reported Distrowatch.

With Ubuntu's slipping down Red Hat's Fedora is moving up to reach second place and also OpenSUSE is placed on third position.

Distrowatch website revealed that the popularity of Linux Mint increased by almost over 66 percent during the last month.

Incidentally, Canonical had to face backlash when they decide to ship Ubuntu with Unity desktop as the default interface. So the current figures shown by Distrowatch can be viewed as evidence against Canonical's decision to hang on to Unity rather than going back to Gnome.

Linux Mint is aimed at beginners of Linux and is based on Debian just like Ubuntu.